Turn Your Startup Dream Into a Reality
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  • Online ONE-2-ONE Personal Training

  • Online 180 Hours On-Board Training

Price 1.500,00 USD
The Training
We did R&D and realize that all new startup business idea needs technological assistance to make its product and service available online for common people to generate first sell.

Training Output
After successful training complete any startup founder can do business with confidence.
Startup founder will have complete business website ready which will make first sell.
Startup founder able to establish business brnading.
Startup founder can hire great employees to the right place to keep business on loop
Can start business-to-consumer (B2C) process to selling products and services directly between consumers who are the end-users of new startup products.
Startup founder can nurturing relationships with customers, exploring different ways the product can help them accomplish their goals and ensuring their needs are met.
Startup generate revenue.

Need to have willingness, patience & concentration to establish a new startup from scratch.
Need to have a new and unique business ideas and legal legislation (Impressum) of new business.
Need to have written documents on 6W model of customer analysis.
Need to have personal computer having R8GB RAM as recommended).
Need to have Ubuntu Desktop Linux on PC and cloud Linux to host business websites.
Need to have 24 hours high speed wired INTERNET connection.
Need to have Government issued photo ID for startup founder.
Need to have confidence to read & understand English including good typing skills.
Need to have Business-in-a-Box account to use World's #1 Business & Legal Document Templates Software.

 How to Apply

As startup founder if you are determined and committed to enroll this training for gain technological assistance then we will arrange five minutes ONE-2-ONE personal interview session with our mentor for check your prerequisites. Schedule an appointment using Facebook Messenger also call +8801748973769 for voice confirmation. Mentor may ask startup founder different types of questions which you will need to reply with patience. If you passed interview and our mentor recommended you for enrollment then we will send you invitation email attached with Google Form to join our training.
After send invitation email startup founder need to start this training within 24 hours to avoid marked startup founder as scam for waste our times and commitments. If startup founder are marked scam startup founder are not eligible to join any training with us in future. Startup founder are not able to seek any technical help to our mentor before enrollment such as, help you to setup Ubuntu Desktop Linux into your PC and others.
We accept bKash, direct bank deposit, PayPal, Skrill and BEFTN payment for join our training. After deposit joining fee any new startup founder can start this training at scheduled time assigned my mentor. Before join this training send us join request including your startup details. If your startup ideas are align with our standard we will send you training offer. we promise to keep your business concept secrated and we will not do same kind of business you will established with us.