Refund Policy Will Valid Under One Conditions. Read, understand and realize this information related to refund policy.

If you are are not agree with this refund policy do not join our training. Paying us for join any training means you read, understand and realize this training is align, training output is necessary to level up your skills and you are happy to enroll for work as regular trainee to complete training and earn with us before deadline.

All sales are final. We offer refunds under one condition. As we provide digital service refund is valid into our training ecosystems to avoid Confusion. Frustration. Anger. Disappointment and Panic. When you make purchases on our site, you are bound by (and must accept) this refund policy.

This is an intellectual training and you will learn Linux freelancing from a Bangladesh Government verified Linux Freelancer who will guide you by pause his regular freelancing work. Freelancers are extremely busy with their own projects. while they feel the urge of helping any newbies freelancers, they barely have the time or proper settings of doing so.

Refund policy will be valid under one condition:

Refund of the duplicate payment (double click) mistakenly made by the participants during online payment.