Below we provide a list of the questions most common among School Of Freelancing users. This list is by no means exhaustive. For any further questions you might have please visit our Group and ask our School Of Freelancing community.

What is School Of Freelancing?

School Of Freelancing is Practical Project Management Freelancing Ecosystem aims to established earning by doing Linux Freelancing using Freelancer.com, Fiverr.com, Peopleperhour.com, Codementor.io and Guru.com

What is School Of Freelancing Provide?

School Of Freelancing provide remote plus online homeschooling based on Ubuntu Linux for develop giant Linux Freelancer who wants to work & earn from home.

How To Join?

For join School Of Freelancing Hands -on Training create a new Launchpad account and click “join the team” right side of our Launchpad

Requirements For Join

1. Proof of Identity document: your valid government-issued photo ID
2. Proof of Address document: colored scan of your bank account statement showing your full name and address same as your valid government-issued photo ID
3. PC (Personal Computer)
4. 24 Hours high speed internet access
5. Stereo headphone with microphone
6. Can able to read and understand English
7. Have good computer typing speed
8. Sign up Hands -on Training non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with us

How I will start work after join with School Of Freelancing Hands -on Training?

After deposit Hands -on Training Fees you will be added web-based project management application Trello to keeps track of everything, from the big picture to the minute details. During Hands -on Training we will use Slack collaboration hub that will moves Hands -on Training work forward.

How and What do I need to verify my identity on Schooloffreelancing.com?

Use hei@schooloffreelancing.com for all communications. You will be required to provide the following documents and specify the details of these documents to our email address:

Proof of Identity document
Proof of Address document

Acceptable Proof of Identity documents:

You must upload a colored scan of a valid government-issued photo ID which includes your full name, date of birth, signature and date of issue. This may include:

– Passport
– Driver’s License
– National ID card
– Tax ID
– Proof of Age ID
– Professional License ID
– State ID
– Voter’s ID
– Postal ID
– Government-issued Health Cards
– Other IDs – as long as it is government-issued and has your name, photo, date of birth, and signature and its date of issue.

Acceptable Proof of Address documents:
You must upload a colored scan of a document showing your full name and full address. This may include:

– Bank Statement (issued within the last three months)
– Utility Bills (issued within the last three months)
– Income Tax Return Form (issued within the last year)
– Residence ID/Permit
– Notarized Leasing Agreement/Contract (issued within the last year)
– Passbook (issued within the last year only)
– A valid government-issued ID as long as it has your name, photo, date of birth, and signature and its date of issue.

Document requirements

– Documents such as passports and licenses should not be expired.
– Document details must not be handwritten.
– Documents must not be altered or edited in any way.
– Documents should be a colored image scan or colored digital photo with a high-quality resolution. Photocopies and black and white scans/photos are not acceptable.
– Do not crop, adjust image colors, or alter the file in any way.
– Image dimensions must be at least 500 x 300 pixels (minimum).
– If you are submitting an ID card, submit its front and back parts.
– Files must be in the format JPEG, PNG, GIF or PDF, and by less than 100MB in size.
– If you are submitting a document which is an e-bill or e-bank statement, the PDF copy should not be password-protected.
– Submission of fake, or altered documents will result in account closure and may lead to legal actions.

How long does my account take to become verified?
Once you have confirmed your personal details and submitted your documents, our team will review your submission within 24 hours and notify you of the outcome by email. If your submission does not meet the requirements, you will receive instructions by email to resubmit.