Our list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers focus on a particular topic repeated our business process.

What is school of freelancing?
School Of Freelancing is world first Linux based freelancing learning platform to provide one-to-one hands-on Linux freelancing training.
Is there any guarantee that I will be a perfect freelancer?
Obeying standard rules during one-to-one training we guarantee your first Linux freelancing income with us.
Is there any guarantee that I will get a lot of job after completing the training?
Yes after you complete this training with your 1st Linux freelancing income if you work hard for more earning it will make a guarantee that you will get a lot of job after completing our training.
After completing the training can I work according to my wish?
Yes you can work and earn according to your wish if you work hard.
Is there any chance to work with your team after completing the training?
You Will “Work freely” without dependency to become your own boss. No need to work with us. But you can volunteer our session to improve your mentor ship skills.
What types of courses are there available?
School Of Freelancing do not have any course and course concept will not align for this kind of training program which will provide. School Of Freelancing provide on-demand Linux based hands-on training which need be conduct ONE 2 ONE remote session using AnyDesk.
What is Linux freelancing training at a glance?
Linux freelancing training is not related with any Linux solution driven training. You will not grow with us doing Linux project solutions as training but you will grow with us doing anything goes Linux installation, configuration, security and Linux server maintenance related projects which will level up your Linux skills if you are novice Linux user.
What are the system Prerequisite for the joining school of freelancing training?
Prerequisite for enroll training:
- Willingness, Patience & concentration

- Personal computer having 4GB of RAM (8GB recommended)
- 24 hours high speed wired INTERNET connection
- Deposit training fees and must have government issued photo ID
- Can read & understand English including good typing skills
How to Apply?

 If you are determined to enroll this training then ping our mentor for sit 5 (five) minutes one 2 one personal interview session where mentor will check your PC configuration, Internet speed and your English reading and chatting typing skills.

 Mentor may ask you different types of questions which you will need to reply with patience. If you passed interview and our mentor recommended you for enrollment then  we will send you invitation email to join our training.

 After receive invitation email you need to start our training within 24 hours to avoid marked you as scam for waste our times. If you are marked scam you are not eligible  any training with us in future. You are not able to seek any technical help to our mentor before enrollment such as, help you to setup Ubuntu Desktop Linux into your PC and  others.

 We accept bKash, direct bank deposit, PayPal, Skrill and BEFTN payment for join our training. After deposit joining fee any new freelancer can start this training within 1 hour  from home or office desk.

What are the enrollment process?
Please visit your desire training page and check joining instructions for know enrollment process of our trainings.
How and where i will apply to join?
If you pass our trainee requirements and our mentor give you permission to join our training after discuses, you can deposit training fees to start our training within 2 hours from the time your joining fees appear to your bank account.
How many sits are there available for per batch?
Their is no batch! All training are ONE 2 ONE personal training.
How long will it take me to complete the training?
You need to complete this training within 90 business days within 6 (six) month from the time you deposit training fees.
When i will sit for training session
You can sit for training any time (Friday & Saturday closed) from 2:00PM to 4:00AM (MGT +6) each day for min 90+ minutes session.
Is the training for everyone?
No this training is only for selected person who fit with our prerequisite and determine to complete our training obeying treaining rules.
How much enrollment fees for join this training?
For join this training we charge non-refundable 21000 taka
What is the mode of payment?
Yes you can pay into 2 installment if you are a Bangladeshi but if you are not a Bangladeshi you need to pay into single installment.
What payment methods are accepted?
Using bKash, PayPal, Skrill, BEFTN and direct bank deposit payment are acceptable for enroll our training Internationally. Your training will start after foreign remittance successfully adjust our listed bank account.
I need to develop my skills as a perfect Linux freelancer – this training will help?
Yes this training will help you to level up Linux freelancer skills to make your 1st earning with us but you need to work hard too.
I have to provide any percentage to School Of Freelancing team when I will earn a lot of money?
No there is no need to give any percentage to School Of Freelancing team when you will earn a lot of money. But after training complete if any trainee wants long time advice support 10000 Taka as membership fees will applicable once a year and all communication will be done using skype and others communication methods.
Is the training session will be taken in English?
Yes all training session will be conduct using skype or telegram ONE 2 ONE chat in English.
What I have to do if I miss the session?
Just need to inform your mentor before 2 hours of your session time.
Do you have best trainer?
Yes you will learn from a Linux freelancer who all ready have 5 star reviews in different marketplace for Linux related freelancing projects.
Is their any refund policy?
Yes there is a refund policy under two conditions. This is an intellectual training so refund policy will be valid:
1. Refund of the duplicate payment mistakenly made by the trainee.
2. After enroll a new trainee but mentor fail to start Day-1 session for ten business days for any kind of sickness 1st installment will be refunded for Bangladeshi trainee and full payment will be refunded for foreign trainee after 30 business days claimed at refund@schooloffreelancing.com
Note that, after successfully completed two business days training (Day-1+Day-2) session no refund can be claimed by any kind of trainee. Before join training please check training topics are align and necessary to level up your skills and you are happy to enroll.