This training was design for your company thus your employees and project codes remain up to date by implemeting advance Linux methodology.

  • Online ONE 2 ONE Personal Training

  • Online 60 Hours On-Board Training

Price 1.200,00 USD
The Training
We did R&D and found every corporate level entity need to comply Linux culture which will help all employees and products projects source codes need to remain up to date by implemeting advance Linux methodology to win competitive advantage. This training reuqire four departments heads from corporate organogram to make a team for join this training.

Training Output After Successful Training Complete
- Automating the integration of code changes from multiple contributors into a single software project.
- Automate your development process quickly, safely, and at scale.
- Can use GitLab DevOps platform to deliver any single application.
- Know how to do DevOps on GitHub with the power of GitHub Actions.
- Test and Deploy source code with Confidence.
- Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery related client projects.

- Teamwork, Willingness, Patience and Concentration
- Four members under a team leader reuqire for join training
- Own product source code to teach automated process into DevOps pipeline
- Personal computer having Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS Desktop Linux
- GitHub organisation account
- GitLab organisation accounts

 How to Apply

If you are determined and committed to enroll this training then we will arrange five minutes ONE-2-ONE personal interview session with our mentor for check your PC configuration, Internet speed and your English reading and chatting skills. Schedule an appointment using Facebook Messenger also call +8801748973769 for voice confirmation. Mentor may ask you different types of questions which you will need to reply with patience. If you passed interview and our mentor recommended you for enrollment then we will send you invitation email attached with Google Form to join our training.
After send invitation email you need to start this training within 24 hours to avoid marked you as scam for waste our times and commitments. If you are marked scam you are not eligible to join any training with us in future. You are not able to seek any technical help to our mentor before enrollment such as, help you to setup Ubuntu Desktop Linux into your PC and others.
We accept bKash, direct bank deposit, PayPal, Skrill and BEFTN payment for join our training. After deposit joining fee any new freelancer can start this training at scheduled time assigned my mentor. Before join this training please check training modules are align and necessary to level up your skills and you are happy to enroll.