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Promoting Bangladesh

Promoting Bangladesh is a platform for promoting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Bangladesh.

Our aim is to accelerate economic growth in Bangladesh by attracting FDI in diverse sectors including Pharmaceutical, Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Light Engineering, Shipbuilding, Garments, Banking, Finance, and others. Consequently, the economy of Bangladesh will be well diversified and be less dependent on a particular sector.

URL: http://www.promotingbangladesh.com


Bangabandhu Linux

Bangabandhu Linux is complete Debain based Linux operating system, freely available for Government Modernization Professional Support.

Bangabandhu Linux will help any Government Modernization hack proof environment. This Linux can also be used as Government Official system OS. This Linux will help to established People’s Government too.

* National and International any local government activity can be integrated
* Auto app deploy like softaculous
* IoT device enable
* Mobile enable
* Extended security maintenance
* Browser terminal emulator
* Blockchain, virtual currency, wallet exchange enable